Arab African International Bank


Arab African International Bank


New Administrative Capital, Egypt


FF&E / Interior Styling / Interior Design


  • Hassan Allam Construction
  • Kassab
  • iMaterial
  • Nadim
  • Maisonette

Luxurious Facilities.

The proposed interior design of the AAIB main entrance in the
new capital is both impressive and welcoming. With a grand atrium,
modern architectural features, and a focus on natural light,
the space creates a sense of openness and sophistication. The
use of high-quality materials and advanced technology ensures a
seamless and pleasant experience for visitors. Overall, the design
sets a prestigious tone, leaving a lasting impression on all who

Modern Design

The employee entrance greets staff with a sleek and professional atmosphere, featuring modern furnishings and functional layouts that promote productivity. The conference entrances exude sophistication, boasting elegant designs and state-of-the-art audiovisual setups to create an impactful setting for meetings and presentations. From the moment employees and conference attendees step through these entrances, they are immersed in an environment that combines style and functionality, setting the stage for productive work and successful events.

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